Friday, October 29, 2010

Lady's Home!

Lady's home! Oh happy day! I was quite vocal in my enthusiasm, and lavished her with licks! Of course I have had fun with Aunty Jerry and her twin sister Sheila, but I missed my Lady. She went to the beach for a few days to be with a bunch of other American human ladies. I wonder if they left their little dogs. I sniffed through her suitcase to see if she brought me something. I found some fishy selling shells that I unwrapped for her. I also dug out all her dirty undies onto the floor so she could find them easier. I try to help out as much as I can.
My back is much better, much to Lady's relief. She has been calling home to check on me. I am afraid of the cell phone, but she tried to talk to me. The vet has come twice to shoot me in the butt. He says I am doing better. Lady picked up some more of the imported anti-inflamatory as she came through the capital city on her way home. It took her two days of travel to get to the beach. She had a really good time, but was glad to get back to the beautiful mountains and her little boy! She missed me lots!
The days are getting colder. The high today is only 58 F and it got down to 34 last night. It is already snowing n some parts of our state! It usually doesn't snow much here. I remember snow. It didn't snow that much in our last city in China, but it was deep for me!! Lady could find me because of my bright yellow Pooh coat!
I'm dragging my yellow blankie around to lie on because the floors are so cold.
Oh, and Lady is feeling much better. She didn't cough last night! Of course, I was there to keep her warm and snug.
Lady took this of me while I was snoozing on my blankie.
This little guy reminded Lady of me and he made her miss me more. But he wasn't friendly.
This is a view on the beach at Goa. I would have had fun!
Lady saw all kinds of wildlife on the beach!
This guy might pinch my nose!
Water buffalo on the beach???
I would have liked to get get into this basket!
Sunset on the beach.

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