Thursday, August 04, 2011

Back at Home

Well, I am back from my vacation at the Children's home. The kids brought me back home to Jerry. I think she missed me. Lady's not here -I looked. She is still in the US with her mommy and daddy. But still, it's good to be in my own home. Aunty didn't give me the right dog chow. I wouldn't eat it until she added real chicken and rice!! I've got her trained! She even fixes me chapatti's, a flat read like a tortilla only made with wheat flour. I know, because I watch her carefully as she makes them.
Lady always brings me surprises when she comes home. I wonder what she'll bring me?

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  1. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Hi Marley, it's nice you are back home with Jerry. I'm sure Lady is missing you as you have missed her even I'll bet she is having a great time with her Mom and Dad. Enjoy the chapatti's.