Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lady's Home!!

This morning my happy meter was wagging off the scale because Lady came home! She road in a taxi all night to get home to me! There are two major holidays in India these days, so trains, planes, and buses were full. Lady said she passed buses with people crowded on the top in the luggage racks!! I cleaned her face really well, lavishing her with kisses. She brought her suitcases in and I got really excited! Lady ALWAYS brings me something. Grandma sent me Slim Jim Beef Jerky which Lady didn't let me open myself -she fed me a piece at a time! Grandma also sent me a new squeaky toy. I rooted around in her suitcase looking for other stuff, but she whisked some stuff away and hid them.
 Of course, I unwrapped it myself.

Thanks, Grandma! I love my gifts! Lady gave me a Beggin' Bacon strip! yum! More to come!

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