Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stupid Human

Lady is not too fond of irresponsible humans with dogs who don't use their safety leash. This fluffy gray dog in our neighborhood barks at me often. Usually, the man uses the leash, but today, he let that dog run loose and he ran right for me. I looked like Dumbo the flying elephant as Lady tried to pull me out of his reach. She was NOT happy with that human. You may remember we have had a lot of vet bills due to dogs attacking me. She doesn't like anyone messing with her baby. She didn't scold me for barking back at him. He barked first. The man didn't even apologize!! Stupid human.
We had guests for the weekend -two young ladies from the capital city. They loved our cool weather. A bunch of ladies came over Saturday for a training. They drew on each other's hands with henna. Good snacks, too. Lady took the girls sightseeing. They rode horses and yaks and taxis. I stayed home. The girls left this morning only to come back when their train was cancelled due to a landslide. They left after lunch to catch their second train four hours away. We had another bunch f neighborhood ladies here today. They made jewelry. The baby from downstairs came for awhile but she distracted her mom so that she left. I tried to entertain her, but she wanted my toys. She has a whole basketful to play with. I a not allowed to play with hers. Don't worry, I was a good boy. We had sun today, which was nice after all the rain. I've been a muddy boy. 

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  1. Anonymous12:47 AM

    Hi Marley, understand and agree what your saying about irresponsible dog owners. I get a bit perturbed when we go out of our way to insure there will not be a close pass between the two parties and the other person still lets the dog continue to approach! Second part of your day sounded much more fun. Have a great rest of your week.