Wednesday, August 24, 2011


No, not me. My e-mail I am so sorry if you have received some bogus ads apparently from me. Hey, I am not salesman, so you know I didn't send that stuff, but I know it is annoying. Lady wiped out all the contacts on my list in hotmail so that maybe you will stop getting them. I write here. I write back from my email. If you email me, I will write you back, with Lady's help of course. My nails get stuck in the keys. I won't let her trim them. Uh-uh. No way.
I do love to read your comments and get e-mail, so do write me.
The high today was 62. I wore my Pooh coat tonight because I start to ache in this chilly weather. The sun was hiding today. Lady put her suitcases away so maybe she is sticking around for awhile. She says we're having more company though. I hope they bring treats.

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