Sunday, August 14, 2011

I've Got Mail!!!!

What a day! First, my Lady comes home, and then I get mail! I got not one but TWO cards from kids in Florida, USA. Lady got one. Vannette wrote me and asked me if I like to play outside. You bet, Vanette! Of course, I am not allowed to play outside without my harness and leash. I can play on the balcony without them though! Thank you for praying for me, Vannette.I love the horsey card.
Karsyn doesn't like to read but is very good at math. She wants to inspect bones when she grows up, or perhaps be a detective. Thanks for writing me Karsyn, and tell your brother Ethan hello for me. Aunty Marilyn, please tell Buddy Boy hello. Lady wants to thank Lauren, age 6, for writing her, too!! 
Lady unpacked two suitcases, but only put away the big one. Uh-oh.

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