Sunday, January 09, 2011

Home Again

I'm home! But not for long. As soon as we got home after riding for 5 hours in the taxi, Lady started unpacking and repacking. She is leaving again in the morning. On the way here, her plans for me fell through, and so did her back-up plans. Praise the Lord! She made a call, and I am going to stay with Christy at the Children's Home around the corner! A lot of the kids are gone visiting relatives for the school break. But Christy and Pearly are there. Lady has already packed all my stuff. I will leave before she does, I think. I'd rather be going with her, but she is leaving the country, so I can't go. Thailand quarantines, unless you are just passing through, so I am not going this time. Someone has to take care of those kids, right?

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