Saturday, January 08, 2011

It's a Dog's Life

 Ahhh, nice comforter! I didn't want to getup this morning. I like for Lady to scratch me for a good long while before I get up. I need to get my blood circulating! Tonight is our last night here. We're going home tomorrow. In a car. On Lady's lap. Four hours of getting scratched. If she stops, I just nudge her hand or lick it. That usually works. Of course, it is a very winding road around up the mountain. It's tiring for the humans. The roads aren't great. But I'll be on Lady's lap. That's where I belong.

So, can you see why I prefer the bed? Yes, that's my Pooh rug, and my squeaky tree. Yes, the heater keeps me warm. Yes, it helps my back for me to be still, but no, I don't prefer it. Remember, I'm not a crate-trained dog. I usually only get in there when I fly. Lady says I have been super good this week. She is so proud of me. I'm such a trooper, whatever that means. Well, I didn't bark, pee the bed, poop on the floor, whine in my crate, or bite anybody as we walked by. Maybe that's what she means by good. She gave me Beggin' Bacon Strips. Yum!

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