Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update on Marley

Hey friends. Talked to Marley this morning. He caught a cold on the snowy day, but is staying warm now and does not have a fever. He is eating well, and taking his feel-better pills. He is not lethargic, and is acting fine. He is enjoying the bright sunshine during the day. He follows Christy everywhere. He enjoyed hearing my voice and tried to talk. He's being a good boy. His back is feeling a little better. Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers. Can't wait to get back to my baby!


  1. Good to hear he's back to taking his medication, and that it seems to be helping. I'd hate to be away from my doxie if he weren't feeling well!

  2. I hope Marley is feeling better soon. He misses his Lady.

    Lynn & Buddy

  3. Sarah9:10 PM

    So glad Marley is taking his meds! Our 16-year-old dog also has to be tricked into taking her meds, and it is disastrous if she doesn't:( I thoroughly enjoy reading Marley's posts! Sarah