Saturday, January 15, 2011

Marley Says Hello

Lady here. Just talked with Marley and Christy. It is SNOWING at home! He does not want to go outside. Christy has to wait until it stops. She said Marley follows her to the bathroom and cries if she leaves him outside the door. She said he is staying warm by the heater. The neighborhood street dogs come by every morning to see him. He's not allowed to play with them, though. Christy said he cries in the crate, but I told her to keep trying so he can get some back rest. He still won't take his feel-better (anti-inflamatory and pain ) pill, even with cheese. He is eating well though.
The forecast is for sun and clouds tomorrow but a high of only 40. It's the very low nighttime temps I worry about.
Thanks for the kind comments. It's encouraging! I read Daily Doxie every day that I can. Thanks for praying for my little guy!


  1. Lady,
    Please tell Marley that I am so sorry that his back is acting up again. Typical male, will not do things that would help him feel better, such as taking his pill.

    My lady and my male will be home from church late tomorrow. The youth are having a lunch to raise money to help some of the kids out with camp expenses. Hope they bring me some left overs, but I doubt it. You don't get leftovers from a church dinner.

    It has warmed up again here. The cold does not bother me too much as long as I get to play my ball game twice a day.

    Just wanted to touch base and let you know that we love you and your Lady and continue to pray for both of you.

    Buddy Boy of Bushnell, FLOrida

  2. Marley's actions don't surprise me at all. I don't have a ton of experience with Dachshunds, but mine seems awfully prone to separation anxiety. I'm allowed to go off to work, but Frankie gets awfully upset when my wife leaves the house, for pretty much any reason!