Thursday, May 12, 2016


Hello World! Teddy here.
Mommy and I say hello to the rising sun each morning. 
Mommy's training for a 5K Trail Run on Saturday. We mostly walk fast but I get her to run about a mile. 
You know those spots I added to Mommy's bedroom floor? We got a new rug! 50% off. 
That's my new kennel in the background, but Mommy wants to send it back. It was very expensive and I don't need it for potty training. 
She bought a new gate for the stairs and kitchen. Its free standing, very lightweight, and easy to move. I don't like it. It keeps me out of the kitchen. I'm a tripping hazard. But I am also a super fast mess cleaner upper. That fact has been ignored.
I decorated Mommy's legs with deep scratches on both legs. I'm just trying to dance with her leg. Love hurts. Or maybe it's lust- I don't know what I'm doing, I just do it.
I try to lick them clean but Mommy doesn't like me to. I think I'm getting the Drimmel again. 
Until next time,


  1. I like the new rug, Teddy! Your momma is so lucky to have a training coach like you. Good luck to her on her trail run!

  2. Hiya Teddy, I luffs your new rug butts sweetie, thats not a nice thingy to do to Mommys legs, stick to chewing the floppy flops, much nicer! I'm a trip hazard as well, oh and a great cleaner upper, thats why we do the triply thingy isn't it, hehe!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Wearing shorts can be tough on the hooman's legs. Our mom will be whining about it soon too, Teddy!

  4. Your mom's legs look sore. They really do need extra love!

  5. hari OM
    Teddy that rug is very pretty - be sure to keep it tidy! Those little gates to keep you contained are really doing you a favour in the long run kiddo - the more you learn what is good and what is not around the house, the more you are likely to get the treats and things ... and if you want mum to do well in the run, you need to NOT be damaging the leggies!!! hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Wow, you are gonna love your mama's legs to death!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Crikey ..... look at THAT!! The sun rises at YOUR beach every day too???? How come?? I thought it rose at MY beach.
    Teddy you gotta stop decoratin' your Mommy's legs. She'll be a laughing stock in the big race with all those pictures on her legs.

  8. That's why we no longer have rugs in our house. It's easier to clean, be it muddy paw prints, doggie accidents, or grass clippings, leaves, etc.

    But we're glad you're doing OK after your deadly chocolate encounter.

  9. We love the new carpet! It's such a pretty color. Yes, it IS a good thing you're cute..... You are such a little mischief maker (but we love you to pieces!)

    Lily Belle

    p.s. Did you see my great news! I'm now cancer free!!!!!

    1. We are singing hallelujah!!! Praise the Lord!!