Saturday, September 03, 2011

It's My Walk by Marley and Diana Ross

I can cover up my poop if it's on the path
I play it safe and walk with a harness
And if walking for myself is what I'm guilty of
Go on and punish me-
I'll still be free!

It's my walk!
I'll go just where I please
I hope you'll understand
This time is just for me,
Because it's my walk!
With no apologies
I've given up the heel
To wet bushes and the trees.
 But now it's my walk
If I don't walk so straight and steady
At least you know
I'll move when I'm good and ready!

So I'll let it rain
Cause the rain ain't gonna hurt me
I've got my raincoat on
The rain can't stop my peepee.

It's my walk!
With no room for compromise
Unless you're running late,
I'll hurry up and rise.
And now it's my walk!
Just let me choose my way
But you can keep me safe,
To walk another day.
It's my walk!
It's my walk!

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