Sunday, September 11, 2011

Animals Died, Too, on 9/11/2001

Lady and the other Americans are all remembering the terrible, awful day when their country was attacked by terrorists. Many humans died that day. Lady and other Americans are also remembering those left behind. But don't forget, animals died that day, too. A bomb-sniffing yellow Lab named Sirius died in the World Trade Center. After the first plane hit the North Tower, Sirius's partner, Sargeant Lim, put him in his kennel in the South Tower and ran to check out what had happened. He told Sirius he would come back and get him. The rest is history. Many tributes have been made to Sirius, including a dog run in Battery Park, a dog memorial in his honor in Canada, and some web sites remembering him. His remains were found on Jan.22, 2002, and they were treated with the same honor as the other victims. Sirius's partner called him a "big mush," a 92 pound lap dog -not your typical bomb dog. He said he was a very methodical worker, and he enjoyed watching him work. 
So, as you are remembering those who lost their lives on that tragic day, I hope you take a moment to remember Sirius, and other animals who lost their lives that day, and the people who loved them.

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