Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Oh happy day! (Oh happy day)
Oh happy day! (Oh happy day)
When I get pizza (when you get pizza)
Oh when I get pizza (when you get pizza)
When I get pizza and jiaozi on the same day!
Oh happy day! (Oh happy day! )

For those who don't know, jiaozi is a filled dumpling. I used to eat them in CHina. Here, they call them "mo-mo's." The mo-mo man brings them to our door. Lady and jerry don't particularly care for his mo-mo's but I do. Lady feels sorry for the man when he comes all the way here, so she'll buy a plate of 8 for me for $0.65. 
Today, the neighborhood ladies came and learned how to make pizza dough. They made a pizza and some bread sticks as well. After they left, Lady made a pizza just for me for my lunch!! Later on, the mo-mo man came. Oh, happy day!!

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