Sunday, April 03, 2011

Not Lovin' It

I'm just not lovin' these wheels yet. I get stuck on corners, my feet are off the ground and my butt in the air. Lady keeps trying to get them adjusted just right, and I love her for it, but... I'm not feelin' it. I told Lady to get me out...please. Then I drag my feet. I know, I know. That's what the wheels are for, but I'm just not so sure about them yet. If any of you wheelchair users have any advice for me, I would sure like to hear it. Will it get better? Lady bought me Doggles once and I never liked them. I would wear them in the taxis as I stuck my head out the window, but I would never walk with them on. I can be stubborn.

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  1. Anonymous2:56 AM

    Hi Marley, keep trying with the wheels. Perhaps once the adjustments are a bit more fine tuned, things will be a bit better. There is a posted video on youtube which deals with adjusting the wheels for Dachshunds. This is the link. The wheels looks similar to the wheels you have. Even if not, perhaps it will lead you in some other directions to find additional information.