Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Wheels

Lady took the package slip to the post office, hoping it was for my wheels. She missed her stop on the bus and had to walk walk walk -without me. She got so lost. People just keep saying "age," which means ahead. Well, even after she hitched a ride with a school van, she was still a long way away, climbing up the side of the mountain. ANd no wheels. But a very nice package of crafts from Buddy Boy's human, Aunty Marilyn. We'll use those crafts to teach about Resurrection Day, and for spring. My kids from the Home will love the crafts!
We have a trip soon, but Lady doesn't want to go until my wheels come. She paid extra money for "three to five business days" almost two weeks ago. But this is India.
It rained most of the day yesterday and all night. The power kept going off, so my heater went off. I haven't cried in a week, but I did this morning. Lady gave me a feel-better pill and let me stay in the warm bed while we chatted with my grandparents, and caught up with my mail.
Maybe my wheels will come today!

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  1. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Hi Marley, sorry to hear your wheels didn't come today. Sounds like you have been doing better but unfortunate that you had a morning where you were in pain. Glad the pill helped. Hope those wheels will arrive in the next day or two so they can help your back, legs to rest so you will heal faster.