Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Clean and Bandaged

Lady bandaged my feet for me. She went on a couple of websites looking for wheels for me. I love to walk, but now Lady has to carry me up and down all the stairs, and I can't even walk to the Children's Home anymore. She found something called Walkin' Wheels that look good, but they are very expensive for our budget, not to mention getting them shipped here. Lady says if they will help me she will get them for me. We live on the side of a mountain. There are so many smells I am missing because I just can't walk that much anymore. Pretty much take care of business and go in. We've written to Handicapped Pets to see if they will ship the wheels to India, and what size I should get. How am I supposed to poop with wheels? I am having a really hard time pooping now, and I pee like a girl (I'm not allowed to write the B word).
Well, thanks for thinking of me, and asking about me. Two months isn't as long as six months. My Lady always comes back to me. And she always lets me stay with cool kids when she leaves. When we were in China, she left me for five months one time, and six months another. She goes home to see my grandparents every two or three years. Humans think I will forget, but I don't. I am always happy to see my Lady.
More good news! Aunty Jing is coming to stay with us for three months and help at the Children's Home, and with other stuff we do! Maybe she'll go with us when we go to help the school in Apple Country. Yep. I'm going this time! Lady will train the teachers, and I will train the kids! Well, a little bandaged dog needs his sleep, so good night.

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