Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back From Vacation

I returned from my vacation on Monday morning. Lady was anxiously waiting my arrival, as I was late. The handler didn't pay attention to Lady's instructions not to let me climb the stairs. I was anxious to get hom and see my Lady! But I paid for it. I am paying for all the jumping up on the beds I did while there. The evidence is on the video they sent Lady showing me at the doggie spa. I told you we've been going to the vet's for injections a lot. I finally worked up to only once a week and I wasn't crying. Well, even though I had an injection Monday, and was supposed to return in a week, I still had pain. Last night I cried quite a bit when Lady picked me up or put me down, or I tried to jump on the bed. This morning was the worst. I cried when I stretched, when I moved, when I got down, when I rolled over. So, it's off to see the vet first thing this morning. We arrived half an hour before they opened, but my vet had just arrived and let us in. He touched my spine and I yelped. He said it's " very bad," We already knew that! So I got three injections and go back tomorrow. He told Lady to put hot compresses on my three times a day. And something else- he said to make chapatti dough (like a wheat flour tortilla) and put it on my back. I love chapattis, but not raw...and on my back? I enjoyed the auto rickshaw rides this morning because it is cooler. Well, I ALWAYS enjoy them, but some more than others. In heavy traffic and heat, the exhaust and fumes are really bad.
After the injections, I already feel some relief. I didn't cry when Lady put me down. I am walking okay. I think I am doing better than Lady! She was a mess this morning when I was crying so much.
Lady told me she went on a vacation while I was gone. She went riding down a river in a raft! The trip was five hours by train and then 2 by bus. Coming home, she did 2 1/2 hours and then another 6 1/2 hours. She slept in a tent. No little dogs could come. Too hot for me!! Well, I am glad to be home where my Lady can take care of me, and I can take care of her.

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