Friday, April 09, 2010

Diet Shmiet

Lady took me back to the vet tonight for two more injections. We took an auto rickshaw as usual. We went at 7:00 pm because it is just too hot for little black dogs to be outside any earlier. I like riding in the auto rickshaws. I don't have to strain to see out. It's open on both sides. Lady took photos of my vet and his assistant. The tall one shoots me and the shorter human muzzles me and holds me, but he is very kind.
So, I am supposed to be on a diet to lose some weight so as not to strain my back, right? Lady has been making my food for dinner, and giving me expensive dry for breakfast, plus all those vitamins. The assistant weighed me and...I gained two pounds! Lady was discouraged. The vet said I am eating too well! Too much protein. He said I am a geriatric dog, whatever that means, and I don't need so much protein. Lady countered that I am full of energy. He said it is because I eat so well, but I don't need all that protein. When I was doing stairs, I didn't have the weight problem. But doing the stairs gave me the back problem! Lady says we will just have to walk more. These shots increase my appetite. I am hungry all the time, so it is hard for Lady to ignore my begging. I am really good at it. Very subtle, you know? I stand in the kitchen looking up at her and make just the slightest whimper. When she looks at me, I set my happy meter to wagging! It works!
We'll skip four days this time, weaning me off the shots. I am doing better. I didn't cry and didn't need any Carprofen this week. I think I look great, what do you think?

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  1. Two pounds! Well I'll be! Marley quit beggin so Lady will not feel so quilty having you on aweight loss program! You are so cute! I would give in myself to your happy meter!