Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Little Visitor

This little guy and his mom stayed with us for a week until today. He dropped stuff for me at meals. I miss him already. My Lady loves this little human! He is trying real hard to walk on two legs, but most of the time, he got around on all fours, like me.

I kept an eye on him most of the time. He is interesting to watch. He sure can make a mess, almost as good as my messes. Lady told his mom to keep their door closed. Well, she forgot, and when they came home, I had a surprise waiting...I got into the dirty diapers and shredded them. "But I had them all tied up in a bag!" You think that will keep me out? I knew the drill. Lady only had to say my name and I put myself in time-out under the table. I stayed there until she called me to go outside. I knew I would get in trouble, but it was worth it.

What is the fascination with my dish? He really liked it. When he got into my water dish, Lady got a bigger pan out with water in it and let him splash all over the floor. It's so hot that it dried really quickly, and the floor was clean! He really liked the water play!
Poor little guy was having some stomach issues and he cried. I understand. I have back issues and I cry. By the way, I am doing much better. I don't go back for injections for a week. But, I am still not losing weight. Lady says it is too hot to worry about it here. I can't walk as far as we usually walk. When we move to the cooler climate, I will get more exercise. I took the baby with me on some walks. He liked it.

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