Monday, June 06, 2016


Hello World, Teddy here, sharing a bit more of my beach life with you. 
My town had its annual kite festival this weekend. I went yesterday but couldn't get out of the car. No dogs on the beach. Butt we could see everything from the car. Mommy, Gandma, and Grumpypa went Today again. Mommy took more photos.

Those things are huge! 
In other news: 
1. Chew Mommy's bra in half.
2. Empty out a storage container I'm not supposed to be able to get into.
3. Bark like I'm being killed when a big dog walks by.
4. Eat Mommy's pretzels.
5. Chew up Grandma's puzzle pen. 
6. Shred the dryer sheet. 
7. Pee twice in Grandma's room.
8. Dance with a visitor's leg. 
So, I'm still learning. 
I am protesting my dog chow. Mommy bought a new kind and I refuse to eat it. I am NOT a vegetarian. 
That's all for now, world. 
Teddy the adorable


  1. What awesome kites! We love the whale! You'll get better, Teddy. It's more fun to be mischievous than good!

  2. But I like Cheerio better than my chow!

  3. Wow, what an impressive kite festival you went to! We've never seen anything like that before. Hope those big monsters didn't scare the poop outta you.

    You're still getting into so many things Teddy, what's up with that? Cheerios are super yummy so really try to earn them, OK?

    Lily Belle & Muffin

    1. I earned several Cheerios today. Mommy was looking everywhere for glasses. She figured I had something to do with their disappearance. When she asked me, I brought them to her and plopped them down( with arms still attached) at her feet and looked up to say, " here you go. Cheerio please."

  4. Oh, what fun, Teddy! I'm Christmas, and I'm a Dachshund running for da mayor of Blogville! Head over to my blog to check out my posts, and follow us too! And when the time comes, you can vote for me if you like in November! And did I mention I'm a show dog? Hope to see you at Paw Province!