Saturday, June 04, 2016


Hello World, it's me, Teddy! 
Did you notice? For my birthday Mommy changed the name of our blog! She was inspired by other bloggger transition. 
It was time.
In other news, Caretta the black poodle invited me for a pool pawty yesterday. When the temps are in the 90's, swimming is a welcome idea! It
was my first time. 
The two big dogs kinda intimidated me. But it was a brown dog that was not as well behaved as the others. I did fine though. I wouldn't jump in but I swam. 
I had another bath when we got home. 

We weren't there very long. They were going to eat hotdogs. Mommy didn't like that idea. And she went to dinner at a longtime friend's home. They have a basenji!
Well, another day of our garage sale today. I worked so hard yesterday!
So many people asked if I were for sale. Mommy replied, "Not today!" I made many new friends. I earned lots of Cherrios and played with my new toys. We're ready for the day!
Until next time,
Teddy, the HEADLINER!


  1. Marley will be proud of you for taking over his blog and carrying on the great work that he started, Teddy!
    How fun to go swimming!

    1. Wow wee! You were Mommy's inspiration to change the title! Thank you! Love the flowers!

  2. TEDDY... the HEADLINER... That is so much better than Eye Liner. Just sayin.
    OMD you went to a POOL PAWTY... THAT is AWESOME Teddy.

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  3. It wasn't all terrifying. Caretta hosted and she is my bestie. Life in FL. We went to the kite festival today.

  4. We have NEVER been in a pool before, or anything THAT DEEP! We are impressed Teddy!

  5. Hari OM
    My word Teddy - your very own byline? Yes, Marley will be just fine with that! Well done on learning to swim and dealing with new dogs and peeps and stuff... speaking ofstuff - hope you sold heaps!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Hi Teddy,
    Wow you have been busy around there. It was wonderful to see you swimming in the pool. I love to swim, but Muffin hates it. She's really missing out. Mommy bought us a plastic baby pool for our yard. She needs to break it out and clean it so we can use it.

    You had a garage sale? That's a lot of work. Good thing Lady didn't try and sell you. Of course you're so handsome that we can believe many wanted to buy you.

    We love the new headline. But have to admit, we miss our love Marley very much. It is bittersweet.

    Hope you have a pawsome day!

    Lily Belle

  7. What a fantastic way to spend the day Teddy!

  8. Sounds like a fantastic outing to the pool! It is soo hot lately we might even jump in our pool BOL ;)

    Matt & Matilda

  9. Congrrats on the blog title! It looks like you had fun swimming, but better you than me!