Sunday, December 29, 2013


My guests are gone, no more unopened gifts under my tree, and no more meat in the house. We haven't taken down Christmas because that is just too sad. Lady's had some cross-cultural frustrations that make her sad as well. It's hard to be away from family, and hard when your friends are gone. We liked having a full house. Sometimes it is difficult for humans living in another culture. I'm Asian -it's all I know. I know that when someone says they will come at 3:00 pm that may mean 4:00, 6:00, or not at all, with no phone call. I know that humans always have their hand out, no matter how much you give, and it's never enough. There's been a steady stream of street cleaners, garbage collectors, and guards coming by wanting a Christmas bonus. Our helper didn't show up yesterday (and didn't call) right after she got lots of gifts, cookies, and a big bonus. I know that here, it's okay for men to peepee outside, but they fuss (at the humans on the other end of the leash) at little dogs for doing what comes natural.
Well, at least there are still cookies left, and Lady has some dark chocolate hidden away for times such as these. Think I'll give her a good lick. Nope, don't want to take down the reminders of Christmas, of the greatest gift of all, Jesus.


  1. WE do have our MARVELOUS MEMORIES though. RIGHT? Even in the face of adversity... we have our MEMORIES and our FURENDS. AND dark Chocolate.

  2. Cookies can help.....

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. The memories of our wonderful Christmas help keep us going through the rest of the year!