Saturday, December 14, 2013


Well, I can always count on Tate to drop good stuff for me. The little humans came through Delhi on their way to the States for Christmas. Lady says we're staying home until after Christmas! I had a good visit with Aunty Gail. She reluctantly told on me though. You know I have just a couple of bad habits. I will get into any trash that smells of meat, feminine products, or diapers (especially full ones). It's in my book of care. Sometimes humans forget to close the door. Aunty Gail had a houseful of company with lots of good trash. I redecorated the living room for them while they were gone -twice. You think they'll have me back?
Lady forgot to close her bathroom door this week. I redecorated the bedroom floor. She wasn't amused.

 I'm waiting to see if Wyatt needs any help opening his present. I am an expert, you know.

 Since the little humans got to open a present early, I did, too.

 It's a big fat squeaky hedgehog!!! I deaded the last one! I loved it to death!
 Tate got a stuffed Dusty plane from the movie, PLANES.
Wyatt got Skipper! 
They left for America, but we will have other little humans coming through. My stocking is hung for Santa Paws. I'm ready!


  1. Hi Marley, It's so great to hear from you again. That's exciting to hear that you and Lady will be together for Christmas! That fill's our heart with joy!! You're looking mighty fine in your Christmas sweaters; still as handsome as ever. (We mailed your card last week, so hope it get's to you this year.)

    I bet Aunty Gail will always have you back. After all, don't we ALL have some bad habits? I'm sure she looks right past the bad stuff.

    Muffin and I are trying to be good bcuz we know that Santa Paws is watching us closely. So far, we're doing good and have not gotten into any trouble. We're now back in sunny Florida until May and have been enjoying the nice weather. Good thing we got out of all that snow when we did. All of us here are healthy and happy.

    We wish you and Lady a beautiful holiday season filled with peace, joy and good health!

    Love always,
    Your Lily Belle

  2. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Hey Marley, you back, wow a squeaky hedgehog, so your weekend is gonna be fun. Didn't know you were a professional room decorator, barharhar!

    The Mad Scots

  3. LOVE your SWEATER Marley. It looks GOOD and also WARM. Glad that you got a new hedgehog. Have you deaded IT yet? So happy that you will be HOME fur CHRISTMAS.