Sunday, July 07, 2013


 Meet my Marisa who moved to Malaysia. She loves me.
 This is my boy Joseph. We have the same hair color only mine is turning gray.
 This is my Aunty Gail who loves me so. She is Joseph's mom.
 This is Charlotte. We're just friends. Don't worry, Lilly Belle.
I miss my Aunty Sarah, Marisa's mom, who moved to Malaysia. God provided Aunty Gail to fill the gap. 
Lady's got suitcases out again and is filling them up. She's packing for two trips at the same time. Good grief! Lady just got back! Yes, she packed the melted crayons. There's still lots to do with them. I am so blessed to have such good families who want to timeshare me. 
My back is okay, but my hips have been bothering me. Aunty Gail had to give me a feel better pill. I'm limping a bit, but I still want to walk Lady quite a bit. She just wants me to take care of business and go back. Well, we went across the main road to buy milk at Mother Dairy (speaking words of wisdom, let it be) this morning, but I wanted to walk more. Lady also bought vanilla ice cream! People here go to buy there milk every morning, or they have a milkman on a bicycle deliver it! Since Lady travels so much, we just go buy it. Lady likes to buy veggies from the veggie cart man, and fruit from the fruit cart man. They come right to our building!


  1. Good thingy that you explained that being JUST FURENDS... would not want to get Lily Belle's hackles up!! Right Marley? BOL

    These are super pics of all your time share peeps.

  2. Mother Dairy..."BOL! We love the term timeshare families. Good one. We know you'll have a good time. Lady will be back soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. I hate to admit it Marley, Charlotte is kind of cute butt she is NOT your type! I'm happy to read that you are just furends. I was a little worried there for a moment.

    I'm sorry your hips are bothering you. But the good news is that you still want to go for walks!

    Please say hello to Aunt Gail and thank her for taking care of you. We know you'll be in good hands.

    Happy trails to Lady and we'll see you when she gets back home.

    Lily Belle

    1. Charlotte was definitely interested in me. You can see the way she looks at me -the distinguished older gentleman, but you are right -she is too young for me and not my type. She's just right for a companion though. She's a fraidy cat so I am mentoring her when we walk outside. Aunty Gail says that when I am not there, she gets too scared to take care of business! Her peeps are in the US right now. You're my girl, Lily Belle.

  4. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Hope your hips are feeling better! What lovely peeps you have!!

  5. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Thanks for the pics. It is good to put faces with names. My lady is having back troubles. x-rays showed that she has arithritis and some curving of the spine. She is not taking pills yet.

    Buddy Boy

  6. We too hope your hips are better. Safe trip to Lady. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Hope your hips are feeling better, what wonderful friends and family! Safe trip to your lady.