Saturday, July 06, 2013


It's always good to be back in my own bed in my home with Lady. I had a good sleepover with Aunty Gail, and a cute little Chihuahua mix named Charlotte. She's also on vacation. Lady went to Nepal for a week. It got so hot in our house her crayons melted. She had set them out to get ready for her next trip to Bangladesh. It involves some children's events, so she has been getting everything ready. Brand new Crayola Crayons from America. Melted. Lady was not happy.
Flat Me went to Nepal but Lady forgot to take photos! Hope she takes Flat Me to Bangladesh! I'll be vacationing with a new family with two boys, then I will go back to Aunty Gail's when Lady goes to Thailand Yes, I know. She is traveling a lot this month. Tell me about it. At least I get good treats and gifts.


  1. Wow that must have been VERY hot to have melted the Crayons. Bet it was a PRETTY glob though.

  2. Oh there you are Marley! How I've missed you once again.

    Now, don't go getting "wide eyed and bushy tailed" over that little cutie Charlotte. I don't like getting jealous you know :)

    Wow, it sure has been hot there to melt those crayons. That must be uncomfortable for everyone.

    I hope that Lady has a really good trip. You be good with the new family and remember NO jumping on and off stuff.

    How is your back feeling these days? I hope you're doing well.

    Love ya,
    Lily Belle

  3. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Marley, I am glad you are back in your own digs. You are one flexible boy, staying with all those diffent people while Lady is gone. But that is her job and you like to eat, so you have to put up with the changes.

    It is hot in FL, but not hot enough to melt crayons in a house.

    Auntie Marilyn and Uncle H. have had lots of doctors' visits and other things, so I have been by myself during the day quite a bit. But that is not too bad. I get lots of sleep when they are gone.

    Take care and enjoy Lady while she is home.

    Buddy Boy

  4. Lady always makes sure you're well taken care of, if she can't do it herself. Enjoy your time together.

    One summer (while we were away) the candles on our dining table melted!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Treats and gifts sounds good to us Marley. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. treats and gifts! Can't beat that! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  7. I'm so glad you have nice places to stay while Lady is away. I'm sure you are a joy to have around. Hope your back is doing well.

    Take care and I'll be praying for Lady as she travels.