Monday, July 29, 2013


I'm back home with Lady. This month has been crazy. First, she was in Nepal and I was with Aunty Gail. After only four days home she took off again for Bangladesh. She came straight from the airport to pick me up from Aunty Gail's. While she was in Bangladesh, I stayed with a new timeshare family, my buddies Drew and Nate. Drew let me lie on his blanket! That was pretty nice of him. 
Here's what Lady brought me from Bangladesh:

I likes it! Thanks, Lady!

It's a little panda holding a soccer ball.
Lady had no time between her trip to Bangladesh and her trip to Thailand to get me. She was home less than eight hours before she had to head to the airport again. She had no internet access so she's just now catching up. But this month she is staying in India -not home, but at least in India. We've been sad reading about all the pups crossing the Rainbow Bridge lately. Sorry we haven't been able to express our condolences. Lady said she'd help me write some more posts. It's good to be home!



  1. It's good to see you again Marley. Too bad that Lady can't pack you in her bag and take you along with her. Maybe you can sneak in without her seeing you.

    Hey....that's a neat Panda you have there!


  2. Have fun with your Panda! I'm so glad you have such good timeshare families to take care of you while Lady is traveling. I will be praying for you and Lady.