Sunday, May 20, 2012

Little Mess Makers

It's Saturday. That means the neighborhood girls come over to my house for a Bible Story and a craft. Sometimes they cook. Not today. Today, after learning lessons from Michal, they made pictures with their thumbprints. I had a little difficulty.
 My pal Christy came early to play with me. She and Nan stayed late to help Lady and I decorate for my pawty TOMORROW!
 I'll just hang out with Nan as she helps the little ones.
 Maybe I can do nose prints in my notebook.
After the mess makers left, Lady, Nan and Christy decorated and did more baking. Christy grated cheese. I waited patiently. Nothing. She said I had to wait till tomorrow for my pupperoni pizza. On my birthday, Lady makes my favorites. I don't eat until my party so that I can have a little taste of everything. Wonder if I will get chicken. Lady the vegetarian is not going to cook it for me. Although, she DID make me bacon (grease) and cheese biscuits. Those I got to sample. My diet is over tomorrow! Yippee! It's my pawty and I'll bark if I want to!!
Uh oh. Lady wants to know what Dead Bunny is doing in HER suitcase. Gotta go.


  1. Great post Marley! I'm sure your house looks wonderful and festive for the BIG day tomorrow. I hope that you get some chicken ~ yummy! If no chicken, then that pupperoni pizza sounds most excellent too. Just don't eat too much bcuz then you'll get tummy problems and you don't want that before your big trip. Sure wish we could come to your pawty to celebrate your special day with you. We'll just have to celebrate long distance.

    Lily Belle

  2. Be back tomorrow!
    Dachshund Nola

  3. I imagine you can't wait!
    The pupperoni pizza sounds super yummilicious!
    I will be back to celebrate with you!
    Kisses and hugs