Saturday, May 19, 2012

What Was She Thinking?

Nan and Vic came to help Lady and I prepare for my pawty. They both like to learn how to bake. Lady found a recipe for carrot pup cakes. It called for mashed bananas. What was she thinking? I don't like bananas! I love carrots, and carrot cake with cream cheese or yogurt frosting, but I DO NOT LIKE BANANAS, even hidden in my pupcakes. She added more honey in an attempt to get me to try them. Nothin' doin'. I do not like them, Sam I Am, I do not like pupcakes with mashed ba-nan! So I sent her back to the computer to look for another recipe. I think she is going to feed the carrot/yuck to the humans, disguised with some nice cream cheese frosting. Well, I'll lick off the frosting.

The day didn't start out too promising food-wise. Is there anything sadder than one tiny little pancake on one's plate? Lady said I was lucky to get even one since I am on a diet until Sunday. At first, I just stared at her in disbelief, waiting for her to add more to my plate. I had waited patiently as she mixed the batter and fried them up. Oh, the disappointment. I backed away from the plate to show my dismay. Lady just left it and went on cooking. What's a little dog to do? Of course, I ate it.

Lady said that little dogs with pawty's on the horizon should be on their best behavior. Oh, poo.  


  1. But even 1 pancake is still yummy!! But I agree, a plate full for the birthday pup is only right!

    I'm so sorry about the bananas in your pup cakes. I am not fond of bananas in my cakes either, and can always taste them no matter what else is in there.

    I bet you are always on your best behavior... party on the horizon or not!

    Have a great birthday weekend. I cannot wait to see the pictures.


  2. Oh Marley, how COULD Lady do that to you! Bananas?? Just what was she thinking. (Mommy too hates bananas. She can't even smell them or she'll hurl...) I hope that Lady finds a different recipe for your birthday cake. (Tell her to next time check out the link on my blog for Doggie Dessert Chef.) I'm glad to see that Nan & Vic came over to help with the baking. I know that they really like you and are most honored to help.

    Did you know that there is an Annual Eclipse on your birthday tomorrow? I think that means your pawty will be extra special.

    Lily Belle

  3. Glad you made it clear!
    No bananas for your cake!
    Aaaand.... she is right.... you must be in your best behavior for your party!
    Kisses and hugs