Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day Trippin'

Lady took me along to her Breast Cancer Awareness training today! I was invited! Nan and her mom trained the women with Lady. Vic and two girls did the children's program. After the programs, the hostess fed us lunch. Vic shared his paneer (local cheese my fav) with me. It too over an hour by car to get to just this side of nowhere, and then we had a hike to the house.
 Riding in Vic's lap. I had lots of laps to choose from, but mostly I prefer Lady's.
 She just ate and left!
 I had to be careful of this drop-off -straight down!
 I had a great time exploring.

 This photo is for my grandma in FL. She likes flowers. Happy Mother's Day, Grandma!
 The view

 Lady thinks I am one handsome dude!
 This stuff grows everywhere. Mostly I pee on it. Aren't you supposed to pee on the pot?

 Vic helped me up when it was steep and had those huge rocks on the path.
The road
The view. I'm pooped now, and Lady's getting ready for guests tomorrow. Think I'll help by staying out of the way.


  1. Anonymous3:11 AM

    Great pictures Lady and Marley. Important work that was done. But, sounds like you were both able to enjoy ourselves.

  2. Hi, Marley!
    Sure it was pawesome that you were able to go there!
    Pee on the pot??? Haaaa! I liked that!
    Thanks for sharing your day!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. You live in a beautiful place mate! Wish I could visit. Deccy x

  4. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Marley, nice pictures. Beautiful scenery. Vic is a good guy, walking with you and carryiing you when necessary.
    Buddy Boy.