Sunday, December 04, 2011

In the Dog House

Lady has been trying and trying to get me not to pee on car tires. I'm a dog. That's what we do. Most of the time I pee on trees and I only mark tires that other big dogs have unloaded on. Lady doesn't like it when she gets yelled at. This morning a man who has yelled at her before demanded she clean his tires! She pointed out that about four different dogs had christened his tire. He accused her of lying and said he saw me do it. Doesn't he know the difference between marking (a few drops) and really letting loose? Doesn't he know I couldn't possibly have been the one because the pee was at least 12 inches off the ground! I am only 8 inches tall, and my pee reaches at about 4 inches or less. Dumb human. Rude human. Lady said, "give me some water and I will wash." He told her no, go bring her own water. She said okay and dragged me home fussing all the way. She scolded me good but I think she is really just angry with that rude human. He never ever greets her or says anything nice. He only speaks to her to fuss about me. He even claimed one time that he had to change the tire because of the pee!!! Who's lying now? Do you know how many street dogs and house dogs go there to pee? LOTS! And every single one of them is taller than me! So, Lady fills up a pitcher and put some disinfectant in the hot water and goes back to wash the tire. Car is gone! So she washed off two other tires so maybe he would know she had been there. Was she mad! I treaded lightly until she calmed down. She prayed a lot. She prayed for that poor stupid, rude human. Better pray I don't pee on his tires anymore.


  1. Now Marley.... I agree peeing on someone elses tire is not very appropriate, BUT.... Sounds like this man is not very nice at all and me thinks he deserves it! Guess that there is a reason his car is being pee'd on all of the time ~ He's rude, he's nasty and he's miserable. What goes around, comes around! Hey, I'm just saying....

    I'm sure Lady was not mad at you my little friend. She was just letting off some steam and you happen to be in the line of fire.

    Hope you have a better afternoon.

    Hugs, Lily Belle

  2. Nasty, nasty man!


  3. Lady let me open a Christmas present early. I'll post photos.