Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Letter to Santa Paws

Dear Santa Paws,
Just a reminder that I am still in north India. Thanks for all the loot last year. I've been a very good boy. Okay, an occasional slip like jumping on furniture when I am not supposed to, eating Lady's dinner, or barking too much. I share my treats, and I have been very patient with the babies that come here. I have a good home and lots of love, so I don't really need anything. But if you'd be so kind as to remember me when you come by, I'd like some bacon treats, beef, chicken, a new Bobo, and a new warm sweater or jacket. Please remember all the homeless doggies, and the street doggies here in India. I hope you can find us because there aren't many believers here. We don't have a chimney-just use the door.


  1. Hi Marley! Glad to see you back on the 'puter once again. How is Lady feeling with her bad back and all? We sure hope she is doing much better and that the medicine helped her. I love your letter to Santa Paws. I too will put in a good word for you because you're one of my very bestest friends and I want you to get everything you asked for on your list. I just know that Santa will find you over there in India. How are you feeling these days? Continue to be good and NO jumping! I'm doing great using my ramps still and it is much better for me. Muffin says hello. Talk to you soon my friend.

    Hugs, Lily Belle

  2. Thanks, Lily. Lady is good to go and carried me last night. I haven't cried at all even though our nighttime temps are down to 30 degrees. Lady warms me up by the heater before getting me off the bed. Wow there are a lot of packages under the tree! Lady and Christy went shopping for the children at the home yesterday. She isn't finished yet. She also wrapped tons of prizes for the games. We're having six different parties.We had pancakes for breakfast. I ate mine on the bed. It's still too cold in the living room. Glad you are using your ramp. I got scolded yesterday for eating a piece of bloody bone I found on the ground. Lady dug it out of my mouth but when it fell on the ground I scarfed it up and swallowed it before she could get it again. She scolded me in public! I think I am getting a worm pill soon. Boy am I in trouble! Pray for me.

  3. What a great letter to Santa, Marley!! I will be getting mine in the mail soon so yours gave me lots of good ideas!! :)

    Glad to hear that Lady is feeling better:)