Saturday, December 10, 2011

Early Christmas

Our friends left for the capital city this morning. In a few days they will fly home to America and won't return for six months. They stayed with us for a few days. We had an early Christmas. I really like them because they eat meat and bring me leftovers!
                                                        Merry Christmas, Marley!
This is how you open a gift!

I'm just learning how to do this.

Marley is a pro.

I dressed up for the occasion. Lady gave me a new Christmas neckerchief!

Lady let me open a present early so I wouldn't be overwhelmed on Christmas!

A new Rudolph Bobo!

I gave Wyatt a hand opening his gifts. He's new at it.

Marley shows me how it is done.

Lady gave me a shopping basket full of plastic fruit! It kept me entertained for a long time!

 I am really going to miss this little guy and his parents. They drop good stuff on the floor. They eat meat! Wyatt's dad plays tug-o-war with me. Lady says they won't be back for a long time. We're sad.


  1. Hi Marley,
    How great is that! To spend an early Christmas with cute little Wyatt and his hoomans. You sure got a lot of really cool gifts. You are sooo lucky to get a Rudolph BoBo. Mommy's been trying to find one around here with NO luck. (At least that is what she's telling me.) Maybe Santa Paws is bringing me one and she won't spoil the surprise. I'm glad to hear that you got in your share of meat while your friends were there. A man like yourself, needs a good steak every now and then! You look very dashing in your new neckerchief. I think its awesome that you helped Wyatt open his prezzies. I know that you taught him how to do it. He will now be a pro come Christmas. I know that you are going to miss them and I'm sorry for that. You can always count on Muffin and I to cheer you up when you are lonely. Of course, we can't actually come to India to visit you 'cause we're d-o-g-g-i-e-s and can't fly that far and 'cause we're scared of your BIG cows in the street, but we are learning how to type on the 'puter so we can write to you every now and then like we are doing here right now. Oh and you might just be getting some mail of your VERY own real soon too!! So that should cheer you up. OK, Mommy said she needs a cup of coffee 'cause it's really early here and she needs to wakie-wakie up now. We had snow again over night and it's chilly here. So I'm hiding under the blankie next to Mommy and my little paws are sticking out so I can type this to you. So I hope my paws are on the right keys while typing this. Think I'll take a little snooze now. Hope you and Lady are doing well. Hugs, Lily Belle

  2. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Hi Marley, glad you and Lady had an enjoyable early Merry Christmas. It's tough to say good bye (even if temporary but nonetheless for a long time)to friends. I know you and Lady will keep them in your hearts and prayers. Keep warm. And may I say, you did an excellent job helping Wyatt open his presents and your own.