Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Taking Care of Lady

Lady doesn't have a helper to do the floors, so she has to do them even though it really hurts her back. Most everybody has someone come in daily to clean their floors. We haven't found anybody yet. Lady has to sweep the carpet and the marble floors, then mop with a rag on her hands and knees. Well, that cute baby was coming over so Lady was cleaning. She finished before he came but while he was there, her back caught and that's all she wrote. I licked her to make her feel better. I lie right beside her. She had to send for muscle relaxers from the chemist, and we're having dinner delivered tonight. I love chili paneer and steamed rice. It is a spicy local cheese dish with veggies in a gravy, and we serve it on the rice. Lady and I share it sometimes, so we'll be eating on the floor tonight as soon as the guy delivers it.
I know how Lady feels. I certainly have had my back issues and she took care of me. Now it is my turn and I am doing a good job. She won't let me walk down the stairs though. I htink Pearly is coming to walk me. So pray Lady feels better soon, okay?


  1. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Hi Marley, am saying a prayer for Lady that her back will get better quickly. I too understand about having a hurt back! Hope the meal was good and Lady is starting to feel better.

  2. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Hi Marley & Lady,
    We are all so sorry to hear about Lady being "down." Mommy's back is bothering her too. Must be all the lousy housework they both have to do. At least you and I are feeling better so we can help them out. I know that you will do your very best to get Lady feeling better again. Lots of licks directly to the face always seem to do the trick. Nice slobbery wet ones too. You know the kind. I'm glad to hear that she is getting medicine to help with the pain. Mommy had to go to the Dr's last week for her back and is also on medicine. Geez, our Mommy's are sooooo much alike!

    Your dinner sounds delicious. Bet that is something I would love to taste. Muffin and I have been getting a little turkey meat in with our kibble and we just go crazy for it.

    I've been really busy these days. I wrote our letter to Santa Paws the other day and Mommy posted it on our blog. She said she will mail it to him today when she goes to the post office. I also helped lick all the Christmas Card envelopes. Yuck! Just a few more to go tho.

    Today it is raining here but hey, it's not snow! Mommy is going out to run errands this morning so Muffin and I will be staying home. That lazy little dog Muffin is still in bed sleeping ~ It's 9:30am now and I've been outside already barking and chasing the deer away from Mommys bird feeders. She's not a very good watch dog! She would much rather sleep the day away.

    Anywho.... I hope that you were good for Pearly when she came to take you outside. Are you having any progress going potty on the balcony?

    Hugs to you Marley & Lady,
    Lily Belle

    P.S. Mommy said to tell you that Muffin and I have been using our new ramps all of the time. We've not even attempted to jump off any of the furniture. We love our ramps!

  3. Hi Marley, I sure hope your Lady feels better!
    Kisses and Tail Wags,
    Dachshund Nola

  4. Greetings from Vancouver, BC Canada Marley! Hoping your Lady feels much better soon. So awful when our People are not feeling good.

    My name is Finnegan and I am also a black and tan doxi. I am a year old and live with my sister Abby (a long haired black and tan doxie, only 6 months old and full of beans) and Josh, my older brother (12 and who can relate to aches and pains) who is a shihtzu mix. We have enjoyed for the past week catching up with your adventures with Lady. Someday I hope my Lady lets me have a blog.

    In the meantime take care of Lady and yourself!


  5. Hiya Marley!! Greetings & lots & lots of puppy prayers are coming to you & Lady all the way from Louisville, KY. Mom & I hope that she gets better soon & I'm sure she couldn't ask for a better nurse than you:)


  6. Thank you Finn & Jasper! Thanks for reading my blog. Thanks, Lily Belle. Lady is feeling much better. Christy came over to carry me for her. She was thrilled. She also cleaned Lady's floors. She's been in boarding school and is finished now until the new school year begins in March. I think we're getting a helper next week because Lady's friends don't like it that it hurts her back. She better like little dogs!