Saturday, November 26, 2011

Home in My Own Bed!

Lady came to the Children's Home to get me on Friday. Aunty had just told me she was not coming until Saturday, but I knew better. I ran to the door and there was Lady!! I gave her a good bath of kisses! I forgot and jumped on the sofa and hurt my shoulder again, but after an hour's visiting time, I was okay. My friend Lily Belle forgets sometimes, too. Aunty made chai for Lady and gave her store-bought chocolate chip cookies. Aunty forgot I couldn't have chocolate and gave me one. I know better but hey, I'm a dog. I never eat chocolate candy, but I thought these were my regular tea biscuits they give me at tea time. Aunty also told Lady I got scolded by uncle for barking at 4:30 in the morning. I was good after that. I only slightly barked.
After visiting for awhile, Pearly helped Lady get me and all my stuff home. Lady didn't bring any chicken home for me. The driver went right past McDonald's. Oh well, she did bring me some doggie treats from the Rescue booth at the Christmas Market. She also bought me a new Christmas kerchief to wear! Our tree is up and my stocking is hung!! There are a few presents under the tree but I don't think they smell like they are for me. I can always tell. Last year I found one of my gifts and opened it early!
Lady and I hung out in front of the TV by the heater last night. It's good to be home.
That cute boy baby is coming over with some other new friends. And the girls from the neighborhood are coming soon. I better get busy and help Lady prepare!


  1. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Phew Marley.... I thought you were like never gonna make it back home again and I was like never gonna hear from you again. I was so worried about you while you were gone. All that jumping around that you do at the Children's Home makes me nervous. But, I am soooo glad to hear you did really well this trip. OK, so barking at 4:30am is not the best thing to do but you can always pretend that you were protecting them from a big ol'e spider or something! Oh my gosh!! You ate a chocolate chip cookie ~ Aren't you the lucky one. Yes, we know, we're not supposed to have chocolate, but I sure bet it was really yummy. I've never had chocolate but sometimes get to have a little piece of the cookie that surrounds it. I like it when it is fresh out of the oven and all warm and stuff. Too bad your driver didn't stop at McD's for your chicken nuggets. I'm sure Lady was tired from all of her travels and wanted to just get home with you. Isn't it nice to be home in your own little bed again.... Sounds like Lady has been very busy decorating and getting ready for your company. Good job Marley on doing the sniff test on your stockings. I bet that Santa Paws will fill it once he arrives. I hope you get some Beggin' Strips or some other good stuff like that. I have to send Santa Paws my list real soon. I know I've been REALLY good this year too. Afterall, I've been on strict rest for like furever, so am sure I'll get many yummy's this year. Since Mommy, Daddy & Grandpa went out to her brothers house for Turkey Day, Mommy is making a full turkey dinner today for all of us. I better get my little butt in gear and get in the kitchen to supervise her. Just in case she drops anything on the floor, I should be right there to clean it up for her. Tee-hee-hee. Thanks for the mention in your blog! I was honored. (Even tho jumping isn't something I'm proud of). But you and me stick together and we're getting much better remembering. Have a great day my friend and hugs to Lady.

    Lily Belle

  2. Thanks, Lily Belle! Guess what? Lady's friends with that cute boy baby brought bacon bits tonight to put on Lady's cream of potato cheddar cheese soup! I got cheese AND bacon bits! Get this -she also served carrots and ranch dip! Love it. If she forgets to put the ranch dip on my carrot, I won't eat it. How was the turkey? I've never had turkey.