Wednesday, October 12, 2011

See Ya Later, Aunt Sheri!

Well, it was off to the home for me on Monday. Lady took Aunty Sheri to the capital city to fly back to the US. She wanted to take me with her but Lady said no way. Aunty Sheri really likes me a lot. I was a good host. Lady came back this afternoon, dropped her suitcase and came to get me. I was ready to go home right then. I kept running to the door, back to Lady, to the door, back to get the idea. Well, apparently Lady didn't. She stayed for tea! She said it would be rude not to have tea with Aunty. Pearly carried my bag for me and visited for a bit. She missed the school bus today so she stayed home and played me with. I was mopey because Christy went back to boarding school last evening. But I am home now, with my Lady, where I belong.

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