Thursday, October 06, 2011

My Trip to Apple Country

I'm back home now! Lady and I rode in an apple truck with Bill, Rae, and two friends from the US. Six other American friends rode in a brand new van they bought for Bill and Rae's school! Cool! They came all the way from Kentucky to help the school. We left really early on Saturday morning. It took forever to get there over super bumpy and winding roads. We didn't stay with Bill and Rae like we did last time. We stayed in the best hotel in the village. Well, it was the ONLY hotel in the village. They didn't even give us towels or soap -we had to bring our own. There were a bunch of insects in our room, but it had its own terrace and the view was spectacular! The terrace was closed off so I could roam as much as I wanted! I loved it. We were right on the river and could hear the rushing sound of it. The carnivores in the group ate chicken for dinner so Lady brought me some!
Sunday, we went to school to plan for the work to be done until time for church. Lady and I helped Miss Julie, who is a teacher trainer. She's really nice. The others started preparing to build the much-needed fence around the school. I have snagged my new sweater too many times on that awful barbed wire. While the others climbed up the hill to another village, Miss Julie, Lady and I rode in the new van to Uncle's house. We ate dinner at the hotel.
Every day I rode to school in the van and helped watch the kids, supervise the work on the fence and the ceiling, and keep the cows from coming on the school grounds. Rae fed me rice and chicken for lunch. Uncle Chuck brought me my favorite treats -Beggin Bacon Strips!!!! I helped him hook up the five new laptops and the wireless network. He also hooked up a new printer. Bill was elated to have all this new stuff for the school! He even wrote "Praise the Lord" on the new van. The children were so excited about all the great new stuff. They held a parents' meeting and they were so happy about what the friends were doing for their school. It was pretty cool when some of the neighbors came to work with the Americans.
Wednesday, we made the long bumpy ride back to our house. Pallu threw up. I didn't. I don't get car sick. Everybody stayed with us -eight more humans! More people to scratch me, I always say.
When we got back to our city, the temperatures had dropped! The humans went out for dinner. I stayed home.
 Lady made me pancakes this morning for breakfast. I shared. She also baked some apples for them. Our guests left this afternoon. Sheri is still here. She stayed with me while Lady went to get this bunch of friends. She's going to hang out with us for a few more days. She likes me a lot.
Today is Dusheera. Soem people lit firecrackers. I shook for hours. I refused to go out to take care of business. It is quiet now, so maybe I will go out in a bit. Maybe.
You can see some photos from my last trip on my April 15th post.

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