Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I love babies! My little buddy Wyatt came today. Lady, the baby's parents, and our other American friends had to go to a funeral. One of their close Indian friend's mom died yesterday. In India, they have the funeral really fast because they don't embalm. Christians bury but Hindus cremate. Lady told me. Yesterday, the men went to see the family. The lady was on a cot. She's with Jesus now, so it was just her body lying on that cot. People came and put flowers on the body. Today, they went to the service at the big church on the ridge. It was in Hindi, but otherwise pretty much like funerals in Lady's country. The open coffin was in the front. The lady was wrapped in white cloth with a veil over her face and cotton in her mouth. There was no eulogy. Lots of pastors came because she is a pastor's wife and a pastor's mother. They carried the coffin out and drove her to the cemetery. Lady and her friends took taxis to get there. They put the casket on a slab and said prayers and sang songs. They sprayed floral spray in the casket. Several people came and did that. Then, they carried the casket to the hole and sang some more and prayed some more. Oh, and they cried a lot. Then, they not so carefully put her casket in the hole. All the people threw rocks and dirt on the box. Then, they threw flowers onto the fresh dirt. Lady and her friends said their good-byes and left.
The baby is teething. He only slept a half hour at a time. He played with Jerry and was so cute though. She thought he was hungry but he wasn't -his gums hurt him. I tried to distract him.
Bless his little heart. He likes me.

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