Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Two Things I Hate

I hate balloons. They scare me. They float around and look scary, and they make awful noises when they pop. They make my fur stand up. I really don't like them. That's why Lady decorates for my party with paper balloons. Balloons make me shake.
I hate thunderstorms. They're loud and very scary. The lightning frightens me. I hide. Thunderstorms make me shake.

Yesterday, I got the double whammy. Lady had a "Welcome Back" party for Kira and Ezra, who used to live in this house. All the kids in the neighborhood came. Lady blew up balloons and they had sword fights. I hid under Christy's skirt. They popped the balloons, and waved them around. I survived the party without biting anybody but I sure wanted to. I am friends with most of these kids but altogether they are a bit overwhelming. It's a strain to be so good and not snap.
Then the storm came. I hadn't stopped shaking from being terrorized by short humans. Oh, the stress. The power went out so Lady and I hit the sack early (for her, not me). The power came back on, but we just stayed where it was warm and safe.
 Me running to get some food that dropped. I am on clean-up duty. Don't worry -no chocolate.

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