Friday, June 10, 2011


We're always fixin' to do something. Lady tells Jerry, "We're fixin' to go out." If she cooks, she says, "we're fixin' to eat." Lady is always fixin' to do something or go somewhere. "I'm fixin' to plan for the Children's Home kids." Me? I'm fixin' to take a nap, fixin' to chase flies, fixin' to love the stuffin's out of my baby, fixin' to eat, scold that big yellow lab marking my gate, fixin' to take a nap, fixin' to snack, fixin' to lie in a sunbeam, fixin' to go to bed, fixin' to chase birds on the balcony, fixin' to water plants and fertilize trees, fixin' to nap...
Hey! I got to Skype with my Uncle Floyd and Aunt Virginia as well as Grandma and Grandpa last night! They have been to see me in China and South India, and they are coming again!! Yippee! hey gave Lady some real good news for Deborah, who is fixin' to leave early Monday. They collected some money for Deborah's tuition! Praise the Lord!! Deborah has one more year for her MDiv before she returns to her home country of Myanmar, next March. She has stayed with us for two summers. She took care of me for a couple of months when Lady was in the US. I lived in the girls' dorm! Fun! Until one of the girls left the gate open and I ran out and took on a big street dog. He bit me on the neck and on the ear. Five trips to the vet for after-bite shots and I was good to go. I will miss her. She eats meat.
Well, I am fixin' to go find a sunbeam in which to bask.

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  1. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Hi Marley and Lady, glad to hear you have family coming to visit! Sounds like you will be "fixin" to have a good time. Hope you are over your tummy troubles now. Will keep you both in prayer.