Wednesday, October 20, 2010

House Call

The vet is coming to my house, can ya believe it? He had an emergency so he is late. Maybe I will get a reprieve. I'm not any worse, but Lady says I still walk like a drunk. Being hurt has its perks. Lady feels so bad for me that she gives me pretty much whatever I want-except for chocolate of course. Hey, I know I am not supposed to eat chocolate- I don't even try, especially since Lady guards her dark chocolate as I guard my chew bones! Don't mess with my chew bones, and don't mess with Lady's dark chocolate! The momo man came today to bring me chicken momos. Those are steamed Chinese dumplings. I am Chinese, you know. She also ordered veg chow mein for me. I've already eaten half my momos. Lady also bought a new rug by our balcony door because the marble floor is so cold for me. Two guys walk up and down the street yelling about selling rugs. You'll see it in the next photos. I wasn't sure if it would be staying or not, as so many were on the floor today, so I avoided it. Temperatures are dropping these days, so I am happy to have that rug. After dark, I figured it was ours, and tried it out.
Lady packed a bag today, but didn't pack mine. I'm no dummy. I know what that means. She's going somewhere and I'm not. Maybe that's why I am getting all my favorites, and extra attention. When Lady goes away, I can count on a guilt gift when she returns. She's trying to find me a new squeaky baby, as I managed to disembowel my stuffed sheep and kill the squeaker. I still have blue baby though. Sheep has no ears or legs, and is getting pretty nasty. I've lost interest since it has no squeak. I wait until it is quiet around here, then I squeak away! Lady can't find any suitable replacement anywhere near here or in the capital.
Hey some really cute little humans came over to play yesterday. They live at the children's home around the corner. They weren't afraid of me. Should be. I didn't like it when they patted me (too hard) on my sore back, and took Sheep or Blue Baby. I was good, though. I just hid under the table when I was tired of them. They LOVED jumping on our soft sofa, and they loved looking at Lady's children's books. They made wooden bead necklaces and a fall leaf decoration to hang on their beds. Lady was going to have them back today but she coughed all night. Two of the little ones have really bad snotty noses. She thinks she picked up the cold when she taught there last week. But, Lady isn't mad. She loves the little ones. They all have sad stories. They're okay-they shared their Tiger Biscuits with me. I'd post photos, but the system is down for maintenance.
It may be awhile before I can post again, as I am not allowed on the computer when Lady is gone. But, maybe before she leaves she'll help me post. I'll let you know how the vet visit goes.
Hey all you hot dogs out there -take a lesson from me and don't jump up on the furniture, and get your humans to help you on the stairs. While it builds a nice-looking chest, it deteriorates the vertebrae. That means it hurts your back, and you will need many injections -or worse! I don't consider myself old, but I am over nine.
If you have any advice for me, please write me! I love hearing from you. Ha! Sometimes I get mail and Lady doesn't! She doesn't like that!


  1. Hi Marley and Lady, We found your account a while ago through our friends Joey and Maggie.

    My human has been to the big cities in China and India and loves to hear about your life. I have been on airplanes for short flight but never as far as China or India! I love to fly in my bag and usually most people laugh when they hear the squeaking from my bag, I understand what you mean when you wait for it to be quiet before you start playing with your squeaky toys.

    I had to have surgery last year for my back, but before and after the surgery I had to stay in my crate for many weeks (yes I took my squeaky toys in the crate with me, it was ok as long as I didn’t try to jump on the toys!) the only thing I really LOOOVVVEEEDD about that time is getting a medicine called Metacam it comes in an IV form but I had it in liquid form – very yummy. My human calls it crack for dogs.

    Oh, and tell your human that I was never allowed on the stairs (well except the few times I opened the gate at the top of the stairs and snuck down) but the jumping on the furniture and genetics were not kind to me (I was 6 at the time of the surgery)

    Please let us know if we you have any questions we may be able to answer. I remember what it is like to not be able to walk or run. (human sent you our email in an email - she is still not sure how these things work)

    Get some rest.

    Sophie the Duchshund

  2. Hi Sophie! Thanks for writing. I hope I never have to have surgery, but If it comes to that, I will get in contact with you. In my first home in China, I lived on the 4th floor-no elevator. When I moved in with Lady, I also lived on the 4th floor. I was very strong and didn't mind the stairs, but...Now Lady carries me no matter how many flights of stairs we have.SHe calls it her upper body workout!