Saturday, August 07, 2010

Cousin News

We Skyped with my new cousin, Casey, in Atlanta and found out he is taking his first road trip this weekend. They're headed to FL to see the grandparents I only see on Skype. I know they love me though, because they send me treats and gifts. It's a very long trip for such a young guy. I hope he has a wonderful visit and doesn't throw up on the way. I don't get motion sick myself. I am a good traveler.
I forgot to advise Casey not to bite the hands that feed him! He has bitten his human dad twice. He doesn't know how to "drop." Biting is not cool, Casey. Better not bite Grandpa! Also, don't pee in the house-also not cool.
He might get to go to Dog Beach. I hope they take lots of photos.
It's rainy as usual, then it is very pleasant, balcony weather. Lady told me not to pee on the lettuce she is growing. I think she is through painting now. We slept in our own bed last night after camping out in the living room for three nights due to the smell. I was so glad to get back in our big bed, but I will sleep with Lady wherever she is.

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