Monday, August 02, 2010

New Cousin!

I met my new cousin via Skype today. He was just adopted by Lady's brother and sister-in-law. He lives in the US, in a place called Georgia. I guess he is American. He's only six months old. He has a lot to learn. He just got fixed, so he isn't quite himself yet. His name is Casey. He is a rescue dog but my goodness, his adoption fee was STEEP! And he didn't come with any stuff. I did: food, a leash, collars, bowls, clothes, and toys. My aunt and uncle have already invested a small fortune in him. And, he has a vet visit coming up that he doesn't know about. Vets are more expensive in the states than here. My visits cost about $6 each, but I had a lot of them when my back was hurting.
He's white, but I won't hold it against him, as I am colorblind! Theirs is a mixed family anyway -his step brothers are both Persian -cats!! Poor guy.
Well, I have some advice for him:
1. Never pee or poop in the house, but if you just can't hold it in, go on the tile, NOT the carpeting.
2. Always greet your Mom and Dad enthusiastically when they come home. Humans like that. You get more treats that way.
3. Don't eat the cat poop, or cat food. Both will make you sick, and your breath smell bad.
4. Keep your distance from the cats until they figure out who's boss., and DON'T mess with the cat toys.
5. Don't chew on anything but your own toys -that will get you scolded.
6. Don't cry at night. Humans need their sleep, and so do little white dogs.
7. Be a good neighbor and don't bark for no good reason during the day. If there is an intruder, bark your head off.
Maybe my readers have some other good advice for you.
It will take time to get adjusted to your new home, but just know you were chosen and you are loved. You are home now. You have a family. And, you have an extended family! Welcome, Casey, from your Chinese cousin who lives in India!

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