Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bedroom After

I think I told you Lady and Gerry were repainting our bedroom walls. Now they are a lovely sky blue. They painted the old brown desk she inherited a glossy white. I still have white paint on my tail. Gerry is painting the bathroom blue today. It is still French's Mustard color. This is the before:This is after:
Notice our new cocoa brown curtains!

Same quilt for now. Lady will look for a comforter and pillow shams in the capital city when she goes.

I've been busy taking care of Lady. She fell and broke her hand in a couple of places, but she's okay. I have to be careful not to pull her when I walk her. I mostly hang out on my balcony and let everybody know what's happening. If I am too noisy, the balcony doors get shut and I am in time out. I guess I will go help Gerry paint the bathroom. Lady is going off to a village to visit.

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