Saturday, May 01, 2010

Pin Cushion

That's what I feel like...a pin cushion. Three shots three days in a row. But ya know what? I feel better after the shots. I'm having a hard time being comfortable. I don't really like to stay still for the heating pad, but it's doctor's orders.
We had four carnivores over for dinner last night. Lady made a bunch of vegetarian dishes but she also fried up some chicken franks for us carnivores. I got my own frank PLUS leftovers! I hot pay dirt! The humans were really nice to me and scratched me a lot. Lady says we will see them in our next city. Some other folks are coming to visit me tonight to watch American Idol. I don't really care too much. Lady likes Crystal. Lady and I watched "Underdog" the other night. I liked that.
It's really hot. I like lying on the marble floor.
I scared a guy who came to our door today. So he bolted us in! Then he tried to give Lady his card so she'd use him as an electrician. When she tried to open our steel screened door to get the card she discovered he had bolted it and he opened it. Lady was so mad! He said it was because of me that he had bolted it. She gave him back his card and told him she didn't want to do business with him! If someone bolts us in we're kinda stuck. It's scary. Lady's going to put a lock on the bolt so it can't happen again.

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