Sunday, May 16, 2010

Adoption Day Party is Coming!

Lady and I are planning my annual party. She doesn't know exactly when my birthday is, so we always celebrate on the day she adopted me, May 20. Last year, my party was delayed because I got bit by a big black bully. I had a great party at the M family's home. The kids made me a birthday cake and dog treats. They got the recipes online. You wouldn't believe how many recipes for dogs are available, and lots of party ideas! Lady had brought the decorations from her country. We always have a pin the tag on Me game, but it is in my last city. So, we're preparing new games.
Who comes to my party? My friends. Last year, Millie and Max hosted me. They are wire-haired wienie dogs. But usually, just my human friends come. Why? Well, Lady says I don't play well with the boys, and I won't leave the girls alone.
This year we are celebrating my ninth birthday and our sixth year together. We are having my party next Friday on the 21st so we can also watch American Idol. My human friends Rachel and Ethan and their mom and dad are coming! I love my parties because I get good stuff! Lady prepares a lot of the foods I like so I can sample everything. She found some Blues Clues decorations for me, but we've never scene Blues Clues. She just likes the decorations.
I'll dress up for my party and be the perfect host. I have had lots of parties over the years, for all different occasions. I am very well-behaved and take care of my guests, giving them lots of attention. I can't wait until my party!
It is still super hot here, over 110 degrees. Lady and I both had showers today to cool off. We wait until the sun goes down to walk but it is still hot. I lie on the cool marble floor under the fan!

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