Monday, May 17, 2010


Did I tell you it is hot in this city? As a matter of fact, this is the hottest of the four cities I have lived in. I do better in the higher elevations. I was born at over six thousand feet. My next city will be back in the mountains, according to Lady. Sounds good to me. If you check my archives, you'll see photos from mountains and rice paddies. Even my last city in India was over two thousand feet. This city is HOT. I had to pee, so I asked to go out earlier than usual. I am drinking a lot of water you know. It was SO hot I was worn out after just a small block. I met a cute lhasa apsa though. She was hot and I don't mean temperature. She may be a bit young for me. We tangled our leashes -it was fun. But, I was ready to be carried up the stairs and lie on the cool marble floors. Didn't even wait for my harness to be released!
There was supposed to be an auto rickshaw strike today, but there were autos this morning. The petrol bunks (gas stations) were also on strike. Guess the auto drivers changed their minds. A friend picked Lady up and gave her a ride to language school. But she was able to get an auto rickshaw home.
Normally, I sleep UNDER the covers, but not here! I sleep on top of the sheet! Yep, it is hot! It's 112! How about where you are? Let me hear from you, okay? You can email me, too!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARLEY! We love you! Your Critter Crew family!