Sunday, January 20, 2008

Still Here!

I'm still here! I made it through the night just fine, showing no signs of poisoning. I stuck close to Lady all night. Only when twelve hours had passed from the time I inadvertently ate the rat poison did Lady heave a sigh of relief because I had shown no signs of sickness.

Lady went to church, I stayed home. Again, I did what little dogs left alone do - I got into the trash. By the time Auntie Al and Lady returned, I had the front door mat covered in litter, and half of the living room as well. She opened her mouth to scold me, but I gave her the pathetic, "you almost lost me yesterday" look, and she backed down. Let's face it -I'm precious!

One of Lady's girl students gave her a bag of hair ties and clips to give away. So, we did. The girls were so excited to have new colorful hair ties. The moms fought for some as well. Auntie Al put braids and clips in the girls' hair. The boys stuck their hands out wanting something, too! The moms all laughed! Imagine - a boy wearing purple butterflies in his hair! Not this boy! I let Lady dress me, but I draw the line at hair bows. Thank you to those who prayed for my well-being yesterday.

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