Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Gift

Lady had the day off from school today, so she , Auntie Al, and Auntie A. all went to the movies and shopping. The Jane Austen book and the movie are for Lady, but the new baby is for me. I am not allowed to chew on Eyore.
I almost got introuble again. A friend brought Auntie Al spicy chicken on bones. She couldn't eat it all. Lady gave me the meat but I am not allowed to have chicken bones. She wrapped them in foil and planned to put them in thetrash after they returned from dinner. She thought maybe I might dig in the trash and try to get them out if she threw them away. I know how to step on the pedal and open the trash. I know how to drag stuff out then leave it upright so maybe Lady won't notice. Anyway, I managed to get up to the counter and get the foil packet down. By the time Auntie Al and Lady returned, there were only a few pieces of shredded foil on the rug as evidence. Foiled. Scolded. Lady worried a bone might splinter and poke a hole in me, or I might choke. She says I am giving her gray hairs, but I don't see any yet.
Lady and my Aunties had a scary adventure getting home tonight. The autorickshaw driver demanded more money than the prepaid amount. The is the whole reason for getting a prepaid slip. He said it was too far for the amount. He threw the money down and when my aunties started to walk away, he picked up a large rock in a threatening manner. Lady used her loud teacher voice to say, "are you threatening me?" to attract the neighbors. They came out and helped settle the disbute. Lady gave him a little more money but not the huge amount he had demanded. Thankfully, they had gotten out away from Auntie A's home so the driver didn't know where they lived. They are home safe and sound. I took Lady out for a walk and protected her. Nobody messes with my Lady and gets away with it!

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