Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Close Call

I'm just a little dog. I do what dogs do, despite Lady's warnings -I eat things I find. How was I supposed to know that the yummy black cake was actually rat poison?
We were helping the parents move the school library to the annex, recently vacated by the principal and his wife. They had a rat problem, so after it was all clean, Auntie put out solid cakes of rat poison. Auntie Beth spotted it in my mouth and tried to get it out. I growled at her and ran off. She told Lady I had rat poison. Quick as a wink, Lady yanked it out of my mouth, despite my growl, and swiped my mouth several times. She tried to clean the inside of my mouth and get any of the granules out, but wouldn't let me have a drink. She scooped me up and rushed me home. I still didn't know what in the world was the big deal, but Lady started crying. By the time we got home she was a mess. I had all I could do to kiss away her tears. She called Pastor S. who had his son call the vet. Lady cradled me in her arms the entire time until the doctor arrived...and she cried. She was scared. I mean a lot to my Lady. I came all the way from China to India just to take care of her. The doctor arrived about thirty minutes later and stuck me two times. I didn't even bite him. He said it was antidote for the poison. He said it was a very potent but slow-acting poison. Six hours later, he returned to stick me one more time. He says I am going to be okay. Lady wants to wait until that twelve hour mark when normally I would be getting violently ill. The doctor said that by the time they know it is a poisoning, it is too late to do anything about it. He said it happens often, but because I have had the antidote, I will be okay. Lady is thanking God for me, for Pastor S. and for the doctor who came to my house to treat me.
Auntie Al even gave me some of her chicken dinner! I guess I had better listen to Lady when she tells me not to eat junk. I am thankful Lady has finally stopped crying.

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